CostarHD CCTV: CostarHD™ designs and manufactures rugged HD CCTV video surveillance camera systems for critical infrastructure and transportation. Our video cameras monitor the most critical, sensitive environments such as border security and transportation, specifically traffic (ITS), maritime ports, airports and railways.

Whatever you're looking for, you'll find an Axis network camera to suit your needs. From robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensitive environments, we offer it all. Our cameras provide excellent HDTV image quality regardless of lighting conditions and the size and characteristics of the monitored areas. And they do it while minimizing bandwidth and storage needs to help you save energy. Analytic applications developed by Axis and our partners transform our network cameras into business tools. They can alert you to developing situations and help you make smart decisions about operations and resource allocation. Data can also be integrated with your other systems.

arathon Power Inc. offers uninterruptible power supplies with a focus on OEM and niche markets, such as medical/healthcare, automation and process control, test and measurement, traffic control and other applications that require a specialized product. In addition to a standard range of customizable models, the company offers unique products such as the battery-less Supercapacitor UPS as well as various Ruggedized units.

Traffic Control Products
designs and manufacures NEMA TS2 and TS1 trafffic control cabinet assemblies. TCP also has a full line of CALTRANS compliant 33x traffic control cabinets for intersection control, ramp metering and other ITS applications. In addition TCP sells Q-Free Intelight's new ATC cabinet (ATCC) in various configurations.

Our traffic control cabinet assemblies adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure public safety.

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Struthers-Dunn LLC.
has been a leader in design and manufacture of electromechanical and electronic relays for industrial applications throughout the world. Their history makes them uniquely qualified to offer solutions blending experience of yesterday with technology of today.

TAPCO is dedicated to providing standard and custom traffic safety solutions for private businesses and every level of government in the United States and beyond.

The TAPCO family mission is to save lives by going the extra mile. TAPCO enhances transportation and personal safety in its communities through innovative solutions and quality products, as well as services from proven experts. TAPCO's vision is to be the North American leader in the traffic and parking industries.

extensive product portfolio, consisting of cabinets, controllers, signals, signs, software systems, and specialty products, offers customers one convenient location to find everything they need. McCain's sole mission is to provide customers with the solutions and support they need to achieve their desired outcomes.

Actelis is a world class provider of engineered traffic systems and solar powered solutions with an emphasis on programmable timing products and pedestrian safety. ELTEC is sought out for exceptional quality, delivery, service, and customer support.

ITS Software:
Q-Free's Kinetic Signals Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) is a modern application built using modern frameworks and technologies. Kinetic Signals is designed from the ground up, utilizing modern Graphical User Interface (GUI) design standards. Q-Free delivers a true web-based, thin client platform with Kinetic Signals.

ATC Controllers: Q-Free's Traffic Signal Controllers meet and exceed the current ATC, Caltrans, NTCIP and NEMA standards providing agencies with a robust, industry-leading, true open architecture hardware platform.

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Connected Vehicle:
Q-Free's Kinetic cv® enables agencies to easily distribute real time J2735 connected vehicle information over the Internet to enable a wide range of third party applications. MAXTIME cv and MAXVIEW cv are built upon the latest ATC, NTCIP and DSRC J2735_201603 standards.

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designs, develops and manufactures radar and hybrid sensor solutions for the traffic management and automotive industries. For more than 25 years they have been the leader in high performance radar technology.

With their innovative high performance and high-quality radar products they aim for a safer, greener, and smarter future.

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keeps roadways flowing safely and smoothly. Their video detection and monitoring solutions for traffic applications are used all over the world. By combining video cameras, thermal sensors, intelligent video analytics, and command and control software, FLIR-ITS has the field-proven solution to keep your roadways safe and running at peak efficiency.

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Leotek Electronics USA
Founded in 1992 in California’s Silicon Valley, Leotek is a leading global manufacturer of street, roadway, area and signal lighting products and solutions. Leotek streetlights were first designed and delivered in 2007 and the company now has more than 1.5 million installations across North America.

With ongoing research and development and a culture of continuous improvement, Leotek is committed to developing innovative new lighting products and solutions that are reliable, long-lasting, and energy efficient.

Image Sensing Systems innovative above-ground detection products provide you real-time reaction capabilities, in-depth analytics and accurate and precise data, so you can make proactive decisions with clarity and confidence.

RTMS Echo has been built from the ground up and offers transportation engineers an easy to use, highly accurate radar that provides sophisticated traffic data. Keep your daily commute free of congestion and optimize the flow of traffic on your roadways.

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is a leading worldwide IoT solutions provider offering IoT hardware and services, including wireless design, device security, and tools for managing the entire device deployment. Our M2M products are designed to work in the most demanding environments with relentless reliability.

Southern Manufacturing Company
has been innovating the traffic control industry for 75 years with custom-designed traffic control signage, illuminated signage, LED street name signs and specialty ITS, UPS, NEMA and flasher detector enclosures in aluminum or stainless steel. A pioneer in the use of LED lighting for illuminated street name and lane control signs, Southern Manufacturing works with engineers and municipalities to engineer solutions that save time and money while improving the accuracy of traffic flows that increase safety and reduce congestion.

is a global leader in connected car and automotive electronics.
Their people live, breathe, and create innovative technology for some of the world's largest car makers. They focus their efforts on R&D to stay ahead of rapidly changing industry needs in an increasingly connected world. Danlaw is known for ground-breaking tech, efficient development, and adaptive solutions for dynamic environments. With facilities in the USA, UK, India, and China, Danlaw is one of the largest suppliers of connected devices in the world.


is powering the future of roads for the safe and efficient movement of road users and autonomous vehicles. Derq’s Platform ingests and fuses data from IoT traffic cameras and sensors then runs real-time edge analytics to enable infrastructure perception and V2X/5G applications as well as actionable safety and traffic insights.

is a world class provider of engineered traffic systems and solar powered solutions with an emphasis on programmable timing products and pedestrian safety. ELTEC is sought out for exceptional quality, delivery, service, and customer support.

Eberle Design
is an industry leader in traffic signal cabinet auxiliary equipment.  They are committed to a continuous program of research and development to support their complete product offering. It is this program that has led to the development of a complete line of NEMA TS-1 and TS-2, 170/2070 and ATC/ITS type signal monitors, inductive loop detectors, isolators, power supplies, load switches, flashers, and Smart-City products.

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Pelco Products, Inc.
is the leading traffic and utility hardware manufacturer and supplier in the industry. From brackets, lighting, poles, pedestrian push buttons, and copper theft deterrent solutions Pelco has the product for you. We are also the Official Manufacturer of the world famous, best-in-the-industry Astro-Brac Family. To learn more about how Pelco is the world leader in traffic signal hardware manufacturing


Valmont® Structures is one of the world’s leading providers of infrastructure solutions. We achieve it through our commitment to single idea: integrity. Integrity doesn’t just define the precision of our custom engineered solutions and time-tested manufacturing process. Integrity also defines how we work with our customers, suppliers and partners across the street and around the world. Whether it’s lighting, traffic, mass transit, signage, or wireless communication structures, Valmont Structures delivers integrity.

provides products that allow pedestrian access at intersections and public areas.
This includes Accessible Pedestrian Signals, Push Buttons, Pedestrian Stations, Signs and hardware that allows these to be installed to specifications. PedSafety, A Campbell Company is ISO 9001–2015 Certified and designs and manufactures products in the USA.

Miovision provides cities with modern tools to fix today’s traffic problems. We offer solutions that collect multimodal traffic data and uncover actionable insights, helping municipalities get more out of their road network. With solutions that address any traffic problem, the Miovision suite of software, hardware, and all-in-one systems empowers traffic teams with the tools they need to build healthier communities.
GTT (Global Traffic Technologies)

Global Traffic Technologies is the most trusted name in the traffic management industry, with a 58-year history of unrivaled innovation and leadership. Opticom, its flagship product, dominates the market as the world’s leading provider of priority control solutions, with the largest breadth of deployment in North America – nearly 180,000 intersections and vehicles enabled. These impressive statistics reflect the unwavering reliability and unmatched effectiveness of Opticom’s technology. Make the smart choice and trust in Global Traffic Technologies for your priority control needs.


Founded in 1993, AMG Systems Ltd is a company that designs and manufactures industrial network transmission solutions. AMG specializes in Ethernet, Fibre Optic, PoE & Wireless network transmission solutions. Their products are used in a variety of industries, including security, oil & gas, transportation, and manufacturing. Their cutting-edge products range from: Media converters and Extenders, Managed and unmanaged switches, Wireless and 4G Ethernet, Analog fiber transmission products, and Accessories.
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